ACTS Adult Care Center would like to announce the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Child and Adult Care Food Program at our center.

Meals will be available at no separate charge to enrolled eligible participants at the center listed below and will provide regardless of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familiar or parental status, sexual orientation.

Participants eligible for free and/or reduced price meals must complete an application with documentation of eligibility information including number and names of all household members, social security number of the head of household/primary wage earner or adult signing the application or an indication that the household member does not have one, total monthly household income or food stamps, SSI or Medicaid identification number and the signature of an adult care center participant.


ACTS Adult Care Center is a family owned and operated business created to promote a fun loving and caring environment for our senior citizens.   We are committed to providing a service that enhances physical activity, encourages group interaction, and facilitates a fun loving family oriented environment.  We invite you to visit our facility and hope to earn the privilege to serve you.  The future is bright and with love all things are possible.


ACTS Adult Care Center is un centro de cuidado de adultos creado para promover un divertido cariñoso y cuidado entorno de nuestros mayores.   Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar un servicio que mejora la actividad física, fomenta la interacción del grupo y facilita un divertido cariñoso ambiente familiar orientado.  Te invitamos a visitar nuestras instalaciones y esperamos ganar el privilegio de servirle.  El futuro es brillante y con amor todo es posible.

41d000_0a971fd7f88aa50ec24d806f2c13c42dShare your story with others.

We all have a story and when we come together with friends and family that is what we share.





We are in life together, and with the love of our family, and support of our friends all things are possible.

Quality Services

Care is our priority. The health and care of all our clients is what we focus on daily.  Our clients are our family and we don’t compromise care for those we love.


8765 SW 165th Ave. Suite 103-104
Miami, FL  33193
Tel: 786-409-2317

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Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
8am to 5pm

Jose Victor Castillo

Professional singer Jose Victor Castillo serenaded our participants with lovely melodies from 1940s and 50s while they enjoyed a delicious Spanish stile chicken and rice lunch.  He sang in English and Spanish and accepted special request from our beautiful audience. ...
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Beach Day

Beach day- We pride ourselves in providing a safe and diversified environment for our elders.  As such, we encourage (voluntary) participation in our field trips.  We waited for the perfect weather and off to the beach we went.  With the domino tables in place, soft...
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Fun Activities for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens don’t have to stop having fun just because they reach a certain age. They actually can have more fun than they did in their past. While it is true senior citizens might have to take precautions during certain activities to prevent falling or injury, it...
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Depression and Our Elderly Population

Depression is often thought as a normal part of growing old. The truth is it’s not normal or necessary. This will come as good news for many senior citizens who feel hopeless and struggle to make it through the day. Depression is treatable with the right attitude and...
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Benefits of Companionship for Our Seniors

Senior citizens often become lonely due to life events. Empty nesters, widows and those with mobility issues are the most affected by loneliness. Dr. Karen Roberto, a gerontologist at the University of Northern Colorado, reported that companionship and friendships...
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